Our Services

Entrepreneurs With Disabilities – Winnipeg offers a wide variety of services to clients, including:

Developing Your Business Plan
Developing a smart business plan is vital to getting your business off to a great start.
We'll help you design a plan that defines your target customer & market, acquires funding, sets prices of your product and makes sure your business has the means to thrive well into the future.
Personalized Consultation
We can meet you when it's convenient for you to discuss your business.
We know there are limitations with some disabilities. We will meet you at a time and place of your choosing to offer help and discuss the details of your business.
Building Your Product
Having a product is great, but making it marketable and must-have is key in a fast moving market.
We can help you design a logo, develop branding concepts and help build marketing campaigns so when your products gets onto the market it will be noticed.

Marketing and Website Development
Building your business in the online world.
Whether it's creating social media channels for your business or building you an eye-catching website, building an online footprint that brings in potential customers is key to any business.
Business and Education Resources
We can help you learn more about your business.
Whether you want to take classes to build your business skills or learn from successful entrepreneurs, we will connect you with the people who can send you on that path.
We will give you access to repayable loans and financial advice.
We have multiple avenues to help you acquire loans for your business and will advise you on what your prices and expenses should look like in a highly competitive market.